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PSRC Sponsor Q&A With Suddath

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Our industry has come a long way since Suddath was first founded with nothing more than two mules and a cart (true story!). Here’s what Scott O’Neill, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Suddath and PSRC Treasurer had to say about his involvement with PSRC over the years and the importance of supporting clients as they navigate the moving process.

Where is your company headquartered?

Suddath is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

For how many years have you been involved with the Puget Sound Relocation Council (PSRC) and why did you decide to become a sponsor?

Suddath has been involved with the PSRC for six years. We wanted to get involved because of the educational programming and opportunities to connect and learn from such an amazing group of mobility professionals. And it’s a lot of fun!

What, in your opinion, is the most valuable part of being involved with the PSRC community?

Serving on the PSRC board has been really valuable for me personally – it’s something I’d recommend to anyone who’s seeking a way to grow. And not only is serving our communities an integral part of Suddath’s mission, but involvement in local communities has been a critical part of networking this year more than ever. I love seeing how the mobility community comes together to make meaningful differences in our global and local communities.

What makes your company unique?

Besides being around for over 100 years, Suddath is a partner and top booking agent for the largest long-distance mover in America. Our company and leadership team members have been recognized with innovation awards for proprietary technology solutions, particularly in our commercial moving space, propelling us to be the largest commercial mover in North America.

We’re excited to have recently launched a new way to support the employee relocation process that really sets us apart: Sterling Move Solutions, a Suddath Company. The way the world moves and the needs of those who are moving within it have changed drastically, especially over the last few years. We recognized that moving services needed to change, too. Now we can deliver across the entire move continuum, whether a company needs some basic “DIY” support for a new hire with a lump sum, or they are moving a C-suite level executive and family members halfway around the world and want VIP, white-glove-level services. The benefits include new levels of flexibility and an extensive network of providers, combined with the convenience and ease of one account manager, service level agreement and invoicing system.

How does your company fit into the relocation process?

Suddath is an employee relocation provider offering international and domestic household goods support to corporations. We offer employees a single point of contact to help them navigate their move from start to finish.

What are your company’s core values? Please provide a few examples of these values in action.

Trust, Innovation, Teamwork, Caring and Agility are The Suddath Companies’ values. Suddath embodies its value of caring in every local community served, volunteer hours spent, fundraiser supported and scholarship awarded. Teamwork is exemplified in our partnerships with other providers that allow us to provide global services to companies of all sizes. We show agility in our own work, but we’ve also been a partner to corporate clients who need support pivoting to offer hybrid workplace services as a result of the pandemic. From moving employees to different offices to making those offices better hybrid workspaces, we’re here to help. Learn more about Suddath’s values in action.

What, in your opinion, is the most exciting/rewarding part about the work your company does?

We are in the people business. We are involved in people’s lives during some of their most stressful experiences. They trust us with their homes, and it’s an honor to support companies with transitioning their talent to ultimately minimize downtime. I think our mission says it best: We strive to serve our customers, communities and each other with the highest level of care, making lives easier in the moments that matter.

What are some of your company’s goals and initiatives for 2022? Please be specific and tell us what you’re doing to meet these goals.

Our goals this year include delivering an excellent customer experience and fostering a rewarding workforce experience. That includes evaluating our customer experience through surveys and ensuring our customers are happy before, during and after their experience with us. Our Suddath L.O.V. V.E. (which stands for “Living Our Vision and Values Everyday") employee recognition program is just one way we foster a rewarding experience for our team.

What’s one fun fact about your company that may not be well known?

Suddath was started in 1919 with two mules and a cart.

How do you see our industry evolving in the next 3-5 years?

Global Mobility and HR leaders will continue evolving and balancing components such as compliance, talent strategy and keeping their relocation programs competitive. Suddath will be there to help support our clients in meeting these goals with our fully integrated moving services and customizable solutions.

About The Suddath Companies

Suddath has been a trusted name in moving and logistics for over a century. From humble beginnings in 1919 as a moving company in Jacksonville, Florida, we have grown into a $736-million global transportation, relocation management and specialized logistics company, serving 180 countries with 2,000 employees around the globe. Each year, we move more than 80,000 households, including more than 38,000 military families. We also provide logistics, employee relocation and commercial services to the world’s best-known brands and are North America’s largest commercial mover. With more than 45 locations, a global partner network and nearly 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space, Suddath provides the national and global reach to take you anywhere you need to go.

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